Chance+Emmalee Engagement

These two are seriously the cutest! I did a happy dance when Emmalee reached out to me about her fall wedding and we quickly started planning their engagement session. I use these sessions as a way to get to know all of my couples and to hear their story. I love not only hearing their story but also watching their interactions as they take turns sharing their memories about how it all began.

Kentucky weather is known to be a bit unpredictable. Crazy humidity and a constantly changing weather forcast is the norm in the summer so a forecast of rain for 9 days straight was no surprise when I made my way to Kentucky. The day of their engagement session was the first time I saw the sun during this trip. I love some sunshine, but give me some amazing post rain clouds each and every session. It was a perfect combination for this beautiful couple.

It felt like the glowing sun just followed Emmalee and Chance around as they walked through the fields and talked about their love story. They laughed, and snuggled and let me see their sweet connection.

I made Chance check for snakes and then I had him twirl her in the tall grass. My favorite moments are when I wouldn’t say anything and they would start whispering to each other and then they soon erupted into laughter-those moments are my favorite-real laughter, real snuggles and kisses. Give them all to me. I don’t want to rush time but I might be counting down the days until their wedding.

Mr. & Mrs Southard 5.20.19

The Heartland Meadows in Knoxville Tennessee was the perfect backdrop for Greg and Emily’s beautiful wedding. From the antique table to the velvet chair that my wedding dreams are made of, this venue was prefect.

Emily was glowing and shared a sweet moment with her mom just before she reveled her dress to her bridesmaids.

I was fortunate enough to know Greg because we attended the same church in Berea Kentucky years ago. It made the day even more special to not only spend it with such a sweet couple but also with several familiar faces from the church.

The first look took Gregs breath away and made my heart leap into my throat. It was such a sweet and special moment between these two. I always love when couples ask to do a first look because it means they will have time to themselves to just take in the day and take a few breaths together.

The day was filled with the presence of the Lord. Moments before Emily walked down the aisle she was surrounded by her family and bridal party to cover her and her marriage in prayer. I watched a tear fall from her mothers eye as she poured out her heart to God with her prayers for her daughter.

The ceremony included a unity cross and a foot washing ceremony. It was such a beautiful act to see Greg and Emily express their love and humble themselves before each other as an act of servitude and devotion. The ceremony ended with all of their guest lifting their hands and praying over the couple. The presence of God was so sweet that I was photographing their first kiss as husband and wife with tears in my eyes.

Their prefect day was finished off with lots of cake and dancing. Thank you Greg and Emily for asking me to share in your day. I pray continual blessing over your marriage and cannot wait to see the plans that God has for your marriage.

Taylor SR

It still doesn’t seem possible that the school year is almost over. Senior sessions always make me think back to my senior year and all the emotions that I felt as I got ready to move away and start pursing my dreams. Every year I am blown away by the amazing seniors that I am lucky enough to meet and Taylor was no exception.

As a talented dancer who plans on becoming a doctor, she wasn’t afraid to kick off her heels to trek through the mud for her session. Her relationship with her mom made my heart smile-so much love and support. I pray the rest of your senior year is amazing Taylor! Good luck in South Carolina.

Adley and her beautiful smiles

To be asked to photograph a family is always a very personal thing for me. I am being invited into their lives for a brief moment, to capture their emotions as they interact together. When a family continues to ask me to follow along as their family grows it became more and more personal.

I met Eric and Chelsee during a crazy cold, foggy morning maternity session in the fall of 2017. They booked me for a newborn session for their beautiful baby girl who was born a few months later. She was a perfect little girl with the sweetest smile. Over the last year and a half Eric and Chelsee have asked me to photograph their family several times which means I have shared in their story and the many smiles of Adley. It has been an incredible journey to see. Each smile she has had have melted my heart.

After we finished this session, while driving home, tears filled my eyes as the reality of what the past year and a half has meant to me because this beautiful family trusted me to capture these moments. Photography is more than just an image to share on social media or to hang on the wall-it is capturing a memory, a moment in time to be able to reflect on where you have been and be thankful for where you are going. Life is so beautiful and every journey is incredible. Eric and Chelsee I won’t ever be able to fully put into words what being able to share in this journey with your family has meant to me. From her very first smile Adley stole my heart and a piece of it will always belong to her.

Mommy & Me-Erin

I was lucky enough to meet Erin 2 summers ago when her family moved back to Kentucky and I not only found a sweet family but a good friend. Brooks just loves Nora and even though I wish it could happen more often I still love when I’m in Kentucky and we are able to schedule a play date.

Mommy and me sessions hold a special place in my heart. All too often mamas are the ones taking the photos, which means they aren’t ever in the images. Not only are these precious memories of time with their little ones (who we all know don’t stay little for long!) but also memories for their children to cherish. How many of us wish we had more photos with our parents and grandparents? It is so important, even though most mamas are reluctant to get in front of the camera, for our kids to capture those cuddles and kisses.

Our newest addition!


I have been a bit quiet for a while but with good reason-welcome to the world Brie Evelyn Calhoun! We welcomed our sweet girl into the world on February 5th at 10:12pm weighing 7lbs 3oz. To say we are our enamored would be an understatement.

I’ll never forget hugging Brooks so tightly and telling him how much I loved him before we walked out the front door to go to the hospital. It is so hard to explain how it felt to hug him knowing it was the last hug and moments of him as my only child. I wanted to stay right in that spot an in that moment for as long as I could.

Brie was in a hurry to make her entrance because we arrived at the hospital just before 7 and within 3 hours she was in our arms. The only moment that was better than her arrival was watching Brooks walk into the room the next morning with the widest eyes, so full of love and excitement to finally meet ‘Angel’ and hold her.

God is so amazing. I am still blown away that He has entrusted TC and I with two amazing children. I pray that He covers our family with grace as we grow together and I learn how to becoming a mom to two!

Alcorn Family

My biggest challenge is saying no. I just can’t do it, especially when it involves capturing a sweet and beautiful family. The only time slot I had left on my most recent trip to Kentucky was sunrise just an hour before my family and friends were throwing me a baby shower. But when this family reached out to me the answer was YES-lets make it happen.

The fog was perfect and the kids were hilarious. They had more energy that I could even dream of if I had drank an entire pot of coffee. The icing on the cake was the fact that I went to school with Lindsay and her mother was one of my teachers in elementary school  so this session not only let me have fun with the kids but also catch up with good friends. I love that sessions allow me to reconnect and pick up as if time has stood still.