Jacob & Abbigale| 6.29.19

When Jacob and Abbigale contacted me about their wedding I knew their day would be beautiful. From the location of the ceremony to all the details Abbigale planned I knew their day would be picture perfect. Their day started off in the cutest little bed and breakfast in Damascus Virginia. When the amazing flower crowns from Petals in Wytheville I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. I secretly hoped there was an extra one that I could wear because I was beyond obsessed!

The details and day just kept getting better and better. Family quilts at the ceremony, a canoe of drinks and wine slushes at the reception. The Abingdon Vineyards is a beautiful spot on it’s own but it really shines for weddings.

Their ceremony was filled with so many sweet moments, lots of smiles, a few tears and laughs as stories were shared and Jacob and Abbigale exchanged their own vows.

Dancing the night away with family and friends was the perfect way to close out their day. The moment I caught Jacob and Abbigales mom high five was my absolute favorite. Congratulations again on your perfectly beautiful day.








Jacob+Abbigale Engagement

Jacob and Abbigale are too cute for words during their engagement session and this venue was magic. Can it be summer so I can capture their wedding already? The Abingdon Winery is so beautiful and the light there was magical for this session. I loved walking around this venue with these two getting to get to know them and their story.

Next time I think we will follow Jacobs lead since he was able to find the easy path to get down to the creek while Abbigale and I scaled down the rocky hill. On the bright side I told Abbigale It’s better to learn it the hard way because we would remember the right way on her wedding day!

They laughed and snuggled and there were times I just wanted to stop and stare because they were so sweet and lost in the moment. To top it off the beautiful glow around this was something out of a dream. I don’t ever want to rush time because it already goes so quickly but I cannot wait until June to spend the day with these two on their wedding day.