Hallie Hines Sr

Talk about a rocking her senior session-Hallie killed it. The humidity was intense but you would never know it looking at her beautiful smile and can we just talk about her hair? I think I asked her to do a few hair flips a dozen times-it was just so good.  It was a beautiful evening (minus the heat) and it was the icing on a fantastic session when we got to end it with a beautiful sunset. I think we just stood there at the end and watched it because it was so good and just kept getting better.  Thank you Hallie for trusting me enough to not only let me capture these memories-but even better, to get to know you!

Her beautiful mom came along for the session and the best part of the night was when she looked at her daughter and said to me-she feels so comfortable with you. That is what is all about. Senior year can be so overwhelming and I want to create a personalized experience that allows you to be you! Being yourself is always the most beautiful version of yourself. Let me help you share it with the world.

Good luck with the rest of your senior year Hallie!

10 thoughts on “Hallie Hines Sr

  1. What is in the water in Abingdon VA? Because this senior is absolutely stunning! I love the variety you offer as senior photographer as well. There are lots of formal and casual mixed in. Great job!


  2. This senior session is so much better than what I had growing up! If I’m ever up your way in Abingdon, you are the first photographer I’m calling!


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