Chance+Emmalee Engagement

These two are seriously the cutest! I did a happy dance when Emmalee reached out to me about her fall wedding and we quickly started planning their engagement session. I use these sessions as a way to get to know all of my couples and to hear their story. I love not only hearing their story but also watching their interactions as they take turns sharing their memories about how it all began.

Kentucky weather is known to be a bit unpredictable. Crazy humidity and a constantly changing weather forcast is the norm in the summer so a forecast of rain for 9 days straight was no surprise when I made my way to Kentucky. The day of their engagement session was the first time I saw the sun during this trip. I love some sunshine, but give me some amazing post rain clouds each and every session. It was a perfect combination for this beautiful couple.

It felt like the glowing sun just followed Emmalee and Chance around as they walked through the fields and talked about their love story. They laughed, and snuggled and let me see their sweet connection.

I made Chance check for snakes and then I had him twirl her in the tall grass. My favorite moments are when I wouldn’t say anything and they would start whispering to each other and then they soon erupted into laughter-those moments are my favorite-real laughter, real snuggles and kisses. Give them all to me. I don’t want to rush time but I might be counting down the days until their wedding.

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