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Newborn Photographer servicing Abingdon VA, Johnson City TN, the Tri cities and beyond.

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The tiniest toes, little fingers and clutch onto your and those oh so sweet fuzzy shoulders. Running on fumes and coffee you try to soak in the sweet moments and memorize all the tiny details about your new baby.

If you asked me if I can remember how it felt to hold both my babies when they were small the answer is yes. I remember how they would fall asleep in my arms and I would watch them sleep. What is hard to remember is exactly how they looked and how tiny they were. Between trying to survive the days begin to run together and you blink and you are at a 2 and then 6 month check up wondering where your tiny baby has gone. The fuzzy shoulder fade and you pack away their newborn clothes, they no longer fit in your hands.

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Booking a newborn session with me allows you to curl up on the couch and drink coffee while I capture all the sweet details of your newborn. I have everything you need in my studio in Abingdon Virgina for your session. My prep guide will ensure that you arrive at the studio feeling confident in the process. I do in studio or phone consultations with all of my clients before the session to go over all of the details. I create custom setups for your baby based on sentimental elements you want included, color and prop preference. You will walk away with images and heirloom pieces that you can treasure for your.

Are you worried you can’t get everyone out the door on time? You can finish getting ready in the studio while I work on your baby’s portraits. Grab a cup of coffee, plug in that curling iron and take a few minutes to yourself without stressing or feeling rushed. This process is about you and your family!

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Time is such a funny thing. When you become a parent I think time slips into a whole new spectrum because some of the days and nights will feel insanely long and then the years fly by in a blink. Babies don’t keep, I promise they don’t. Hold onto them a bit longer, snuggle and kiss their fuzzy shoulders and schedule your newborn session so that you can always look back on.

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