Reveal Wall Experience

How many digital images are just sitting on your computer? What do you plan on doing with all of those images?

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Raise your hand if you are a self proclaimed hoarder of digital images (trust me mine is raised high in the air!). I have about 6,000 images of my phone and lets not talk about my computer and my hard drives. I have felt that surge of sheer panic when my phone malfunctions or my external hard drive starts acting up. I have several of the images backed up in a few spots but not all of them. I have such a large amount spread everywhere that it’s impossible to manage. Do you feel that in your soul? The reveal wall experience for the Massey newborn session at my studio in Abingdon Virginia was a straight kick to my heart and my butt to get myself in gear.

Memories are of my favorite things and I relive them through images so it makes sense to have a million images (or so it is easy to think). Memories left on drives that have to be recovered or opened up are memories that are lost. What happened to being able to look at beautiful family images on a wall or flip through the pages of an album? The age of technology has made the ability to collect mass amounts of images so easy that it is become the norm. But images not printed….do they have a long term value or are they just adding another item to do on your list which never gets done. I have a list of images I have wanted to print for years.

The JustKenna newborn experience has grown so much in the past year at the studio location in Abingdon Virginia. I am over the moon excited to share a true piece of my heart with the new personalized, customizable and full service experience.

The reveal wall is one of these new options. A week after your session you come back into the studio to view your gallery-printed! Can I tell you that I was so excited to not only see my work printed but to see this beautiful mamas reaction when she saw them for the first time. There is so much beauty in a printed image and Courtney was able to see her images and walk away with her gallery in hand the same day. She sent me an image of her framed portraits hanging on the wall the next day. How often does that happen?

I don’t want you to feel like me and walk away with digitals that seem so exciting but in reality never make it past your computer. Your families story deserves to live on. Your children need to be able to flip through heirloom albums to relive their favorite memories and laugh at how little their toes where when they were a baby.

Let me help you shift your mentality. More is not more. More is more work that never gets done.

Would you like to find out more infomration about creating your families personalized newborn experience and walking away with tangible heirloom pieces? Use the link below to get in touch

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