Natalie SR


Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE senior sessions? Once I get over the fact that I did not look so amazingly beautiful and confident as all the seniors now a days my heart just explodes with excitement during these sessions.  Natalie is so stunning!!! It seems like just last year I was taking her family photos with her younger sister and she was no where near being a senior. Time is such a crazy thing and usually doesn’t add up to what I think it should be but I am so thankful for families that continue to choose me to capture their memories and mile stones.

Soak it all up Natalie-every moment and memory. I hope you have an amazing senior year!



Smith Wedding

I have always heard that is is good luck to have a little rain on your wedding day. So when it won’t stop raining that has to be a amazing sign! A marriage is symbolized by a knot and a wet knot is basically impossible to untie. When you ‘tie the knot’ on a rainy day your marriage and bond is hard to unravel.

Joby and Breana’s day was so beautiful and most importantly filled with so many smiles and so much love.  We had to adjust and move the beautiful setup indoors but everyone was so eager to help make the adjustment as quick as possible. The rain ended just in time for the fog to roll in over the mountains. I always sneak my bride and groom away for sunset portraits when I can but this time it was for the fog which has become my newest obsession.

Everyone ate cake and the kids danced in the rain. It was a beautiful day and I am so thankful I was able to share in it with this sweet couple.






Muncie Family


When I first photographed Eric and Chelsee it was for their maternity session last year. It was beautiful sunrise session full of a pink fog over the water. It was perfect since they were expecting sweet Adley to join their family soon.  Fast forward to their session just over week ago and we plan for another sunrise session. When I woke up the fog was so thick I couldn’t see anything and I wondered if it would be too thick for the session, you could barely even see the sun coming up. I almost suggested we wait until it cleared a bit but I am so glad we didn’t.


Adley was giving me the best faces. It is always amazing to capture a child during their newborn session, fuzzy shoulders and sleepy moments,  and then see them a year later when they are coming into their own personality. Adley was born with a clef lip and it is incredible to see her journey since her birth until now. You should check out the blog her mom has created to follow along on her story

Adley has another surgery coming up in a few weeks so please keep them in your prayers. She has the sweetest little smile and I cannot wait until I get to see it again.

DaShaun SR


I am so in love with everything about this downtown session. We had been planning this session for a few months and then all of a sudden we blinked and it was October.  I was having so much fun with DaShaun wandering around all the great spots downtown that time quickly got away from us and we realized we had to rush to our last spot before the sun disappeared. We were greeted with the best KY sunset when we arrived at Talon Winery.  DaShaun was a trooper and didn’t mind running through the fields to soak up the last bit of light that night. I don’t know how it happens but I am blessed to be able to capture so incredible seniors who are willing to go the extra mile for me to make the image happen. Good luck with the rest of your senior year DaShaun!


Rhodus Wedding

Kentucky weather is crazy (as most of you know). This September wedding was one of the hottest I have had all year. But can we talk about how beautiful the Bride Alicia still looked? I was a hot sweaty mess but she was glowing. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for a farm wedding.

All the details were perfect from the wildflower bouquets to the family quilts covering the hay stacks. The sweetest part of the day was the unity sand where all of the kids were involved, each having their own container of sand. Alicia and Daniel I pray continual blessings over your marriage and your beautiful family. Thank you for allowing me to capture your day.


Hallie Hines Sr

Talk about a rocking her senior session-Hallie killed it. The humidity was intense but you would never know it looking at her beautiful smile and can we just talk about her hair? I think I asked her to do a few hair flips a dozen times-it was just so good.  It was a beautiful evening (minus the heat) and it was the icing on a fantastic session when we got to end it with a beautiful sunset. I think we just stood there at the end and watched it because it was so good and just kept getting better.  Thank you Hallie for trusting me enough to not only let me capture these memories-but even better, to get to know you!

Her beautiful mom came along for the session and the best part of the night was when she looked at her daughter and said to me-she feels so comfortable with you. That is what is all about. Senior year can be so overwhelming and I want to create a personalized experience that allows you to be you! Being yourself is always the most beautiful version of yourself. Let me help you share it with the world.

Good luck with the rest of your senior year Hallie!

Newfangled Fall Collection

Have you ever just met another creative mama and thought wow I would love to collaborate with her? That is how it is with the amazingly talented owner of Newfangled Clothing-Cheryl.  Have you seen her clothing line? I will forewarn you that it is amazingly cute and you will want to buy all of it for your children, friends children or grandkids. I am obsessed with all things vintage and chic and this line fits all of that. The best part it that the clothing is comfortable for the kids. I have been collaborating with Newfangled since early spring and the kids are always able to be themselves in the outfits. The clothes haven’t once stopped them from running, jumping and having a good time. I get the amazing job of not only capturing each of her new lines but also working with incredible kids. There is such a range of personalities and it is so much fun to see them all come together, laugh, hold hands and play ring around the rosie. Each session is a blast and I cannot wait till our next one to capture the second part of the fall collection. You don’t want to miss it.

Cheryl has poured all of her time, love and energy into this clothing line. Her designs allow your kids to feel special and be full of style. You will find every piece is perfect for ocassion-from playdates to school photos. The best part is that by shopping this brand you are supporting a local mama who is dedicated to creating amazing pieces for your child.

Be sure and pop over to her website to see the full line.