Mike & Leigh

A cloudy, Virginia family farm engagement session.

I met Mike and Leigh on her family farm in Wytheville Virginia for their engagement session. Rolling hills, insanely green grass and a sky full of clouds with this happy couple is the recipe for a dream session. Every time Mike and Leigh looked at each other they would burst into laughter-it was the sweetest thing.

In the midst of the current craziness that the world if facing spending time with this couple was exactly what my soul needed. I had to refrain from hugging them, which was so hard, but they lifted me up in a way that is hard to explain. We talked about their wedding plans, and Leigh’s crazy amazing sewing and knitting skills (you need to follow her instagram to see what I’m talking about!) and Hello Fresh. The normalcy of this session what part of what it made it so beautiful.

I received the best message after this session. Mike told Leigh his face was sore from smiling and laughing so much. Que the heart explosion!

Thank you two for the love that exudes from you that flowed over into me. Your session was so good for my heart. The love you two have for each other is so sweet. Thank you for sharing your smiles and story with me. I cannot wait for bridal portraits on these same, beautiful Virgina hills for your wedding next year.


Rainy day engagement session at Sugar Hollow

How perfect that today is the seventh year anniversary for this adorable couple? As soon as I realized that I knew I had to get their blog up.

I met Koree and Ashleeann over a year ago during my Christmas tree farm sessions. I will never forget how amazed I was by their crazy adorable and well behaved dogs. I remember asking Ashleeann if she could come train my son to listen as well as their dogs did! I told them as part of their session they might feel a little bit crazy but to just have fun with it and trust me. Talk about being over the moon when she contacted me a few months later when they got engaged.

We had been planning the details of her and Koree’s engagement session at Grayson Highlands for months but the weather had other plans. Ashleeann and I were crossing our fingers and toes but it wasn’t enough. When you get your hair and make up done the last thing you want to do is waste it so we quickly came up with an alternative plan.

With my umbrella in hand we trekked through the park at Sugar Hollow in Bristol. We had a small window before the heavy rain hit and I knew the trees would give us enough protection so that we wouldn’t get soaked. Seriously whose hair looks this amazing in the rain? To top it off Ashleeann walked the entire trail in her heels. Dedication!

This sessions has me even more anxious for their session at Grayson Highlands. I’m envisioning lots of warm sunshine and hopefully some wild ponies.

Jonathan+Dawnna Engagement

Dawnna contacted me about scheduling a portrait session for her Jonathan I was so excited to capture the last bit of fall colors with them on Emory and Henrys campus especially since it was where they met. She was so excited that she had talked him into getting some updated photos of just the two of them.

I was over the moon with excitement when Jonathan emailed me to explain that this wasn’t going to just be a couples session-he was going to propose! He wanted to start out with a few minutes of regular photos to throw her off, just in case she was expecting a proposal, and then we walked through the leaves to the chapel.  I asked Jonathan and Dawnna to tell each other what attracted them the most when they first met. Imagine Dawnna’s surprise when after they kissed he had a ring and was down on one knee.

I had a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes as I got to share in this sweet moment.  The moments that followed after were precious-lots of questions about how he planned it and  who all knew about the plan. Dawnna was in complete shock. Thank you Jonathan for trusting me to capture this moment in your relationship! Your love story has just begun.

Jacob+Abbigale Engagement

Jacob and Abbigale are too cute for words during their engagement session and this venue was magic. Can it be summer so I can capture their wedding already? The Abingdon Winery is so beautiful and the light there was magical for this session. I loved walking around this venue with these two getting to get to know them and their story.

Next time I think we will follow Jacobs lead since he was able to find the easy path to get down to the creek while Abbigale and I scaled down the rocky hill. On the bright side I told Abbigale It’s better to learn it the hard way because we would remember the right way on her wedding day!

They laughed and snuggled and there were times I just wanted to stop and stare because they were so sweet and lost in the moment. To top it off the beautiful glow around this was something out of a dream. I don’t ever want to rush time because it already goes so quickly but I cannot wait until June to spend the day with these two on their wedding day.

Taylor+John Engagement


The sweetest couple, a gorgeous sunset and 2 adorable dogs made for a perfect engagement session.  I was lucky enough to get to wander around this beautiful farm in Rural Retreat with John and Taylor.

I absolutely love engagement sessions because they allow couples a chance to get comfortable with me behind the camera. My favorite part is that by the end of the session they feel comfortable enough to truely laugh, and be themselves in front of me. Getting to that point is the key to telling their love story on their wedding day and I will do whatever it takes to make them laugh and have fun at their sessions.

Thank you for trusting me to tell your love story next year. I cannot wait to be a part of your big day.