Jonathan+Dawnna Engagement

A year and a half ago Jonathan contacted me to let me know the session that Dawnna had planned was actually going to be a proposal. It was so sweet because he thought it would be perfect to propose in the beginning so that the rest of the session could be their engagement session. I smiled knowing full well that Dawnna would want an official engagement session and I am so glad that she did.

Dawnna knew she wanted a beautiful view with the mountains so the Beauty Spot seemed like the perfect location. They danced, laughed, and cuddled in the grass. We talked about their wedding plans and we are pretty sure that we saw a goat…it might have been a cute dog but we were convinced it was a goat.

There is no greater feeling than having the time fly because you are having so much fun with a sweet couple. As the sun set, the grass was glowing we channeled our inner Sound of Music and ended the night by the running through the field. The countdown is officially on for this beautiful couple

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