Baby Adley

This sweet baby girl had such a testimony before she was even born! I remember when Chelsee contacted me about complications with Adley. As a precaution, we moved the maternity session up a month because the doctors were worried that Adley would arrive early. The diagnosis was that Adley would need surgery for a spot on her lung as soon as she was born.

As a parent I cannot imagine going through this, but Chelsee and Eric were always positive about the situation. When I would reach out for updates they remained steadfast in their faith and trust in God.  The morning of their sunrise maternity session I remember feeling like God was smiling down on this couple. The sky was filled with pink clouds and amazing fog. I felt like He was showing us the emense love He already had for Adley.




He moved in such a big way.  He is such an on time God. Adley arrived just about a week before her due date and didn’t need surgery. God is so amazing.  Every newborn session I do is so special because it means that the parents are trusting me with the greatest gift they have ever received. For me this session was so much more.  I was holding a miracle baby. I was able to spend the morning with a beautiful little girl who even though she couldn’t say a word, was speaking volumes to the world. I cannot wait to keep up with her journey.

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