Katie-Senior Year

This girl-I don’t even know hardly what to say. I first met her during the Nu Revolution Dance Recital last year while I was doing the portraits and recital coverage. When her mom contacted me about a senior session incorporating her dance I was all in. Fast forward to almost a year later and I have worked with this girl numerous times. We have done countless sessions and now we are working on plans for her graduation party.

Photography isn’t just capturing moments for a set amount of time. It is about gaining trust and building relationships. When I know I am headed back to KY for a few sessions I am excited to catch up with Katie on how things are going and if she has decided where she is going after graduation. (if you go to Hawaii I’m totally up for first year portraits on location!) What started off as one senior session has turned into a connection that I love. By nature, I am a more reserved person and I have always struggled with putting myself out there. Photography has given me a way to connect with people in a way that I find hard to do when I’m not behind the camera.

Katie is so talented, beautiful, and hilarious. Most of her sessions I end up laughing but then when it’s time to take photos this is what I get-pure beauty, inside and out. This year has flown by and it blows my mind that in a few months I’ll be taking her dance portraits for the last time as a senior.

Thank you for allowing me to share in this year with you and your family and friends. I know your journey is just starting and I am so excited to follow to see where to road takes you.


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