Sweet Oliver

O sweet Oliver how you stole my heart! Every baby is a miracle. The entire process is incredible that such sweet and perfectness is formed inside a mothers womb after 9 months-little fingers, toes and a sweet heartbeat. Oliver is a true miracle and wonder. Before his birth his parents were told that he would be born with a condition where his legs would not move. The extent of the condition would be unknown until he was born.

When this handsome fellow made his debut he stole hearts (of course) and shocked the doctors. He was born missing a vertebra in his spine which in all other cases would mean he should be paralyzed from the waist down. However, Oliver was able to lift his legs up and had feeling in his toes. Everyday he is blowing doctors away with his progress and just overall state. He is a true miracle. The doctors don’t know what to consider his condition and waiting to see how he continues to grow and develop to best treat him.

I have dealt with a lot of babies and Oliver was by far one of the most relaxed and easy going. Just hours before his session both of his legs had been put in full casts but he was content and even flashed me a few smiles during his session.

Life itself is a miracle. But sometimes in life we get to encounter true, only possible through the grace of God miracles that are bigger than the medical world can explain, and they take your breath away. I am so thankful for the miracle of Oliver. Please continue to pray for him and his sweet family as they have a long road ahead of them. I cannot wait to see the amazing testimony God will create through this tiny little boy.


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