Hale Family

Laugh, relax, tickle, chase, giggle…..and bring out the fake poop. The Hale family knows how to make the most of a family session.

You have probably heard me say I embrace the beautifully messy moments and I’m sure to some that seems slightly contradictory. How can a mess be beautiful? Life is messy, children are super messy but there is so much beauty in those messes. My goal is to capture your family by letting your beautiful chaotic-ness unfold. I will tell you to laugh, ask you to dance, and play games. I’m sure you might find yourself thinking-how will see get a good photo? You might even worry that the kids are just a bit too crazy for me to capture anything. But I promise, if you will commit to the session (that doesn’t mean stressing), I mean let go, and have fun with way your kids do. They run around wild and free. The kids aren’t worried about how their hair looks or how the ‘moment’ will look (let me take care of that). Commit for that hour to embracing your own beautifully messy moments.

I don’t know how a year has passed since I photographed sweet Vera right after she was born. I remember her sweet smells and little sounds. Now she flashes the cutest toothy smiles, rocks a top knot pig tail and is on the move. I relish moments like this when I am reminded how beautiful time is, especially time within a family. Time shifts into a completely different realm when you have children. The days seem long and then you blink a years have gone by.

Every parents has their own version of how they get their kids to laugh. I have seen lots of singing and dancing and a million versions of baby shark. This family session was a first….fake poop. I have never seen anything like it and it was amazing. Luca burst into the cutest laughter every time he saw the fake poop so of course it was thrown around, put on heads and a few times Luca pretended to eat it. Who would have thought the key to the most perfect family session was fake poop. Be sure to keep scrolling to see it!

Thank you Zach and Amanda sharing your beautiful family and precious moments with me. Your family radiates love and laughter.

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