Sara Rasnick SR 2020

This year hasn’t looked anything like what was planned for so many. The class of 2020 has had to face so many challenges. Their final year was cut short and memories, prom, graduation and so much more were gone in an instant. This class is the strongest I have ever encountered. They are resilient and radiate happiness. In the midst of the chaos they are grounded in what they want. Despite the uncertainty of the future they know that the future is in their hands.

Sara is not only beautiful but full of incredible plans for her future and an amazing family and support system (I was lucky enough to capture her sisters senior photographs two years ago). In the midst of having to give up so much over the past few month she was full of smiles and was brave enough to lay in the grass for me despite her fear of bugs. If you need some inspiration talk to a 2020 Senior like Sara and it will give you so much perspective.

Congratulations on your graduation Sara!

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