Alexis & Becky|Influencer collaboration with Cosmakery


When I got my degree in photography my main dream was to work in the fashion industry. When I was tagged in a post about collaborating with Becca and Alexis I though ‘yes please sign me up!’ It was a collision of my dreams and I’m obsessed with the outcome.

First off can we talk about the incredible location? Sunflower fields, pumpkin patches and the cutest green house with gorgeous hanging baskets. Lee Highway Farms in Bristol VA is beautiful and the owners are incredibly sweet. I’m am already planning my trip this week for a hanging basket and a stack of pumpkins.

Alexis Buck and Becky Grant are amazing. Not only are they insanely sweet and so natural in front of the camera (which I know is incredibly hard when someone is taking your portrait!) but they also didn’t mind answering all the questions I have about being an influencer. Maybe you don’t have any questions about it but I am fascinated (and to be honest motivated!) by their drive, confidence and skills on social media. They are so passionate about what they are doing and having so much fun in the process.

Cosmakery is a cruelty free, clean, female owned makeup line that offers wearable beauty that is curated to fit every lifestyle. The colors they offer are beautiful and I’m a sucker for cute packing and brushes which they full deliever on. Be sure to check them out and snag some new makeup for fall.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum-100% locked in to all the insight and reviews that influencers have when it comes to new products or it has never crossed your mind you need to follow these two. My amazon cart has grown since I met them but there is nothing better than cheering on local women who are working hard to make their dreams come true.

Alexis Paige follow @alexispaigeb

Becky Grant follow @heyitsbecks

Makeup| Cosmakery @cosmakery

Location | Lee Highway Farms Bristol VA

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