Motherhood is an experience

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Motherhood. Everyones journey looks so different on the surface but we all experience so many of the same beautiful highs and lows. It is beautiful and messy and stressful. You breath in sweet moments with your children and try to savor the feeling of their hand in yours. You look at their long lashes and listen the deep breaths they take while they sleep. You wait in proud anticipation for them to accomplish milestones while also holding your breath in fear and a bit of sadness in the realization that time is moving so fast.

You get caught between a world where you want to have a minute to drink your coffee while it’s still hot and crying on the morning when they get dressed all by themselves. No one warns you of this constant enternal battle with time that you are going to lose. So savor the moments. Make the time for extra snuggles and giggles and most importantly document the memories. Make the time to be in the photo.

I see you. I see you caught in a world where you want to be in the photo but the anxiety of doing that is too much to bear. Between coordinating schedules, naps and outfits it seems like it requires more energy than it is worth. It is worth it. All you need to do is show up. Perfect outfits don’t make image, it is the moment that does. The image comes from the sweet moments between you and your child. From nose kisses to tickles and hugs. Trust the process and let me show you how your kids see you.

So often you will hear that you will never regret spending time with your child. I feel the same way about making time to document the moments. The slip through your fingers so fast and you never regret being able to flip through your beautiful family memories as your children grow.

I am a portrait photographer based in Abingdon Virginia who specialized in newborn and family sessions. I’d love to hear your story and help you see it through your children’s perspective.

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