What happens if my newborn is awake during the newborn session?

What happens is my baby doesn’t sleep during his/her newborn session?

As a newborn artist in Abingdon Virginia this is one of the most frequently asked questions. If parents don’t ask this questions I can feel them starting to worry when their little one wakes up or arrives in the studio wide awake.

The baby is the boss and I work around how they are doing and  what they need. I’m not going to try to get a baby that that is wide awake to try to go to sleep. Newborns, on average, are awake for period of 1-3 to hours. Allowing them to have those moments helps them fall into a deeper sleep.

How can you prepare? I provide all of my newborn clients with a prep guide. It covers what each family needs to bring, what to expect and the steps to take prior to the arriving to my newborn studio in Abingdon Virginia.

There is 100% nothing wrong with an awake baby. There are certain poses I won’t do while baby is awake but I will always adjust my work flow to fit your baby. No baby is alike and that is why each newborn gets a customized experience in my studio.

When a baby is awake, as long as they are content, I will let them stretch and and give me all the smiles. Allowing them to burn off this energy helps them to settle into a deeper sleep. Once the sleepy vibes finally kick in, and they almost always do, I will work to capture the sweet and sleepy images that you love.

If your baby decides they aren’t tired it is ok. Take a breath and smile knowing you will be able to walk away with images that show it their beautiful eyes. There is something so special about a combination of newborn portraits where your miracle is awake and asleep.

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