Alcorn Family

My biggest challenge is saying no. I just can’t do it, especially when it involves capturing a sweet and beautiful family. The only time slot I had left on my most recent trip to Kentucky was sunrise just an hour before my family and friends were throwing me a baby shower. But when this family reached out to me the answer was YES-lets make it happen.

The fog was perfect and the kids were hilarious. They had more energy that I could even dream of if I had drank an entire pot of coffee. The icing on the cake was the fact that I went to school with Lindsay and her mother was one of my teachers in elementary school  so this session not only let me have fun with the kids but also catch up with good friends. I love that sessions allow me to reconnect and pick up as if time has stood still.


Muncie Family


When I first photographed Eric and Chelsee it was for their maternity session last year. It was beautiful sunrise session full of a pink fog over the water. It was perfect since they were expecting sweet Adley to join their family soon.  Fast forward to their session just over week ago and we plan for another sunrise session. When I woke up the fog was so thick I couldn’t see anything and I wondered if it would be too thick for the session, you could barely even see the sun coming up. I almost suggested we wait until it cleared a bit but I am so glad we didn’t.


Adley was giving me the best faces. It is always amazing to capture a child during their newborn session, fuzzy shoulders and sleepy moments,  and then see them a year later when they are coming into their own personality. Adley was born with a clef lip and it is incredible to see her journey since her birth until now. You should check out the blog her mom has created to follow along on her story

Adley has another surgery coming up in a few weeks so please keep them in your prayers. She has the sweetest little smile and I cannot wait until I get to see it again.