Hunter Abingdon HS Senior

This year has been crazy….so seniors deserve to have an amazing experience. To laugh, roll around in the weeds and spin around in the carts at the local laundromat.

Hunter is amazing. I have worked with her before so she was 100% aware of my crazy ideas and posing directions. She knew I was going to ask her to smell her shoulder, twirl, laugh obnoxiously. and lay in the tall weeds. She came into the session expecting just about anything and was 100% up for it.

To have the best senior experience you have to go with it. If this year has taught us anything it is to take the moments you are given and enjoy them to the fullest. Twirl in your dress (there is no age limit!), roll around in the pile of leaves and be ok with laughing at yourself. Life goes by so quickly and your senior year disappears in a blink so take the time to enjoy every second you are given.

Thank you Hunter for having the prettiest tree in all of Abingdon, the cutest dog and for making my laundromat vision come to life. You are incredible. You have a silent strength to you that I love and can make a great cup of coffee! I hope your senior year is nothing short of amazing.

I have so much fun with my seniors. Check out this senior experience

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