FitzGerald Family| Abingdon Virginia Family Session

Just take a breath and let the moments unfold. Let them laugh, play, roll around in the dress and dance in the setting sun.

The most beautiful moments happen when you stop worrying about creating the picture perfect moment. The Fitzgerald family embodies this idea to the fullest extent which means I end up with a gallery full of images that make my hearty stop. Most of my favorite images aren’t picture perfect in the ‘normal’ sense that everyone is perfectly posed and looking at the camera but they are so genuine; they are the moments that take you back to a place and a time, a moment when you could carry your child on your hip and they clung to your hang. The sweetest moments are the ones that are fleeting and leaving you trying to catch your breath because you were chasing after sweet memories and little toes.

This was an hour long family portrait session in Abingdon Virginia but it flew by. The kids ran races, we played games and then we played some more. As a mother I know the daunting fear that can come with worrying how your kids will do for an hour long family session but the reality is that more time allows them to do what they love without the worry of time and that is when the magic occurs. Let them be little, take off your watch and trust the process.

It is forever and always a pleasure to work with your family! Thank you for trusting the process and letting me have so much fun with your beautiful family.

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