Koree+Ashleeann Engagement

A snowy, spring engagement session at Grayson Highlands State Park.

Mountain top, 50 degrees, and a little snow on the ground with these two makes for an epic engagement session. I seriously had the hardest time picking the images to share and to be honest I really didn’t narrow it down so be prepared for image overload.

This is the session Ashleeann and I have been planning for almost a year. After rescheduling for rain, snow and then lots of cold weather I was beginning to wonder if this was going to ever happen. There was still snow on the ground from the winter storm that hit on Friday but the sun was shining and dare I say it felt nice when we arrived at Grayson Highland State Park.

When you go to the park you can’t help but hope for wild ponies but when you get the sunset and weather like we did you don’t even think twice about the ponies. Koree and Ashleeann laughed, danced…which resulted in more laughter and shared in lots of sweet moments. The way these two can get lost in the moment with each other took my breath away.

Jacob & Abbigale| 6.29.19

When Jacob and Abbigale contacted me about their wedding I knew their day would be beautiful. From the location of the ceremony to all the details Abbigale planned I knew their day would be picture perfect. Their day started off in the cutest little bed and breakfast in Damascus Virginia. When the amazing flower crowns from Petals in Wytheville I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. I secretly hoped there was an extra one that I could wear because I was beyond obsessed!

The details and day just kept getting better and better. Family quilts at the ceremony, a canoe of drinks and wine slushes at the reception. The Abingdon Vineyards is a beautiful spot on it’s own but it really shines for weddings.

Their ceremony was filled with so many sweet moments, lots of smiles, a few tears and laughs as stories were shared and Jacob and Abbigale exchanged their own vows.

Dancing the night away with family and friends was the perfect way to close out their day. The moment I caught Jacob and Abbigales mom high five was my absolute favorite. Congratulations again on your perfectly beautiful day.








Jonathan+Dawnna Engagement

Dawnna contacted me about scheduling a portrait session for her Jonathan I was so excited to capture the last bit of fall colors with them on Emory and Henrys campus especially since it was where they met. She was so excited that she had talked him into getting some updated photos of just the two of them.

I was over the moon with excitement when Jonathan emailed me to explain that this wasn’t going to just be a couples session-he was going to propose! He wanted to start out with a few minutes of regular photos to throw her off, just in case she was expecting a proposal, and then we walked through the leaves to the chapel.  I asked Jonathan and Dawnna to tell each other what attracted them the most when they first met. Imagine Dawnna’s surprise when after they kissed he had a ring and was down on one knee.

I had a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes as I got to share in this sweet moment.  The moments that followed after were precious-lots of questions about how he planned it and  who all knew about the plan. Dawnna was in complete shock. Thank you Jonathan for trusting me to capture this moment in your relationship! Your love story has just begun.